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Process Improvement

Test Process Improvement

Our test process improvement service is a way for our consultants to provide a skills transfer from our company to yours - we use our expertise to help you improve yours.  This can be as simple as conducting test strategy reviews and offering recommendations for improvement, through to establishing a formal test process improvement program and working with you to implement the improvements.

Why improve your test process?

  • So that testing plays an active role in ensuring that a quality product is being developed
  • To help reduce time to market by establishing efficient practices for documenting tests, testing software and providing feedback
  • To focus testing activities so that product functionality is consistently and effectively evaluated

What can we do for you?

  • Assessments: Do an assessment of your current practices and produce a report with an action plan.
  • Improvement Plan: Develop a Test Process Improvement Plan to define a formal process improvement strategy.
  • Test process guidelines: Develop test process guidelines and tailor our IV&V toolkit of templates and checklists to suit your technical and organisational needs.
  • Mentoring: Work directly with a few projects to help implement the processes.
  • Training: Train project staff in a tailored version of our end-to-end testing methodology.

What does our test process improvement model contain?

At IV&V Australia, we help companies improve their testing processes using our test process improvement model, which contains:

  • Five maturity definitions
  • A set of 16 key test process areas (TPAs), with identified goals for each maturity level
  • An assessment checklist
  • A method of graphing maturity levels for each TPA
  • A Test Maturity Report template
  • A Test Process Improvement Plan template.

Click here to download an overview brochure. 

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