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Product Testing

Reduce your risk - have your application tested in IV&V's independent test lab

IV&V Australia’s test consultants can conduct independent qualification testing of your product or software package in our test lab, which is self-assessed to ISO 17025.

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We have experience in conducting qualification tests on e-Health applications, mobile applications, websites, desktop applications, biomedical systems, voting systems, client/server database systems and embedded systems

We can test your software's functional and system requirements, and compatibility with operating systems and platforms.  We can also test conformance to a range of technical standards including IEC 62304, which is a general software development standard that applies to the software development and maintenance for medical devices. IEC 62304 is effectively the minimum acceptable standard for software in medical devices.

What is Product Testing?

  • Test protocols: Develop a set of tests based on your requirements and standards, existing tests, advertised product features, and our own experience in testing similar products
  • Test environments: Run the tests using a variety of platforms and operating system configurations
  • Test conduct: Use a systematic approach to exercising the system the way your customers would, from an independent perspective
  • Test reports: Provide you with a formal test report detailing the result of the testing, including problems found and the actual test logs taken during testing

What are the benefits of independent testing by IV&V's test lab?

  • Be confident that your application has been systematically tested by experienced testers
  • Be confident that the test results are accurate
  • Gain an objective view of product quality
  • Reduce the risk of major "show-stopper" problems in your released product
  • Understand the state of your system prior to release
  • Make an informed decision as to whether (and when) to ship the product
  • Provide accurate information to users about product features and functionality
  • Test the product on the range of its advertised configurations
  • Use testing experts to quickly and effectively evaluate your product